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Hebei Jingye Xinde Steel Engineering Co., Ltd.

Hebei Jingye Xinde Steel Engineering Co., Ltd.

Hebei Jingye Xinde Steel Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in July, 2014 with registered capital of RMB 13million. Our annual steel processing capacity is 200000t.

About us/Our principle is fine quality, in time consignment, reasonable price.

Main business scope: steel bar engineering, concrete engineering, steel bar engineering technical consulting, steel products processing and marketing, steel sales, and export of products and technology. Main products: stirrup, sleeve, welded wire mesh, steel bar cage, steel bar straightening, folded in half and cutting, etc. Our company has passed GB/T19001—2008/ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, and guarantees the product quality from raw materials procurement, product processing and quality inspection.

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Our principle is fine quality, in time consignment, reasonable price.
  • Steel Fabric

    Steel fabric is made of crossed longitudinal and transverse steel bar by binding or welding. It is mainly used for beam, floor, roof and wall of industrial and civil building, and concrete pavement, bridge deck pavement, airport pavement, tunnel lining, box culvert, dock floor, prefabricate, etc. Its advantages lie in that it can significantly improve the quality of steel engineering, greatly improve the construction speed, and reinforce concrete crack resistance, and it has good comprehensive economic benefit.

  • Steel Bar Bending

    Steel bending specification: Φ6.5-32. The rebar length will be shortened after bending, which is conducive to pallet loading, convenient for international transportation, and can reduce transportation expense.

  • Deformed Steel Bar//Square steel

    Jingye Group is a large production base of deformed steel bar, with an annual output of 8 million tons of rebar of high quality. The deformed steel bar products produced by Jingye Group are all high-strength and anti-seismic. The transverse rib is in spiral shape. The main specifications (according to nominal diameter): 8mm、10mm、12mm、14mm、16mm、18mm、20mm、22mm、25mm、28mm、32mm, in which 8mm and 10mm are coiled reinforced bar. The length of most straight rebar is 12m, and some are 9m. The weight of coiled reinforced bar is about 2t per coil.

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The quality achieved new breakthrough with economic efficiency growing steadily and continuously.

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We enjoy strong technological power, excellent equipments and perfect inspection instruments, so we could provide you high-quality products with competitive price.
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